Hello Life! Goodbye Dusty And Dull Resolutions.

Throw out your New Year’s resolutions!  Forget boring lists of goals and good intentions with their numbers (x amount of lbs to lose and subscribers to gain) and sobering approach (more tofu, less red meat).  I’ve got a better way.  Don’t you want to feel alive in 2011?  I sure do.  I want to roll around in the mud of enthusiasm and inhabit words like:



Join me in declaring 2011 our year to succeed.  Don’t sit – stand up!  Don’t clear your mind – fill it with desire!  Dig deep and be bold ~ write with passion and vigor!  What would make your world ROCK?  What would bring tears of joy and gratitude gushing down your face?  What would make your heart SOAR?

2011 is THE year!

This is the year my shoulder finally releases all its pain and discomfort… and heals completely!

This is the year my yoga practice creeps deep into my tendons and muscles and molecules and joints and breath!

This is the year I work diligently and faithfully… on the road to success!

This is the year my body returns to its ideal weight, strength and flexibility!

This is the year I turn up the volume!

This is the year the universe rewards me for taking risks on its behalf!

This is the year my creativity explodes!

This is the year I am abundantly compensated for following my bliss!

This is the year that love lifts me up and twirls me around with joyful abandon!

This is the year I surrender!

This is MY YEAR to let MY LIGHT shine!

* * * What year will it be for you? * * *

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  1. Christopher

     /  14 January 2011

    This is the year I stand for, speak for and represent me.
    All else flows from that. 🙂

    • Kellie

       /  14 January 2011

      @Christopher ~ I’m on the edge of my seat! I can’t wait to hear how it unfolds for you…xo

  2. Kellie your enthusiasm is contagious.. This is the year indeed..! I’m not one for resolutions but I did write a goals list.. I must re-write it with statements starting with “This is the year…” I love your list!

  3. Kellie

     /  15 January 2011

    @Amelie ~ Your creativity is contagious, too! Whenever I look up at my little lamppost in the snow, I am reminded that one accomplishment each day can add up to a whole body of work. The book I’m writing is growing step by step – and THAT’S the key to success, isn’t it? Just keepin’ on…xo

  4. Olivia

     /  16 January 2011

    I am going to go for “abundantly compensated for following my bliss!” Thank you for your card and for your beautiful inspiration. May you go with ease into 2011, Kellie!

    • Kellie

       /  20 January 2011

      @Olivia~No one deserves to be richly rewarded for all they give more than you do, my dear. A beacon of light and service are you! xo

  5. By the third week of January I started my cook book, opened up the big box of binders containing the music book I never completed, and will finish both this year… oh, and I will continue to look for my own restaurant to run – LOL. Peace, Kellie… miss you.

    • Kellie

       /  20 January 2011

      @Michael~May the winds of completion and success be at your back this year! You have so much to share with the world…xo (miss you, too.)

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