I Need Your Help!

There’s exciting changes going on in my world, dear readers!

I’ve been diligent and curious and have immersed myself in deep business education, community engagement, and rigorous self-examination …and heck if I’m not gaining momentum! Very soon I’ll be launching a new website and business – an evolution of who I’ve become through my commitment to a daily writing practice, which was hugely facilitated by a 14 month-long Maine sabbatical.

Note to anyone on the verge: while I recognize each of us has our own path to walk, I cannot recommend Maine highly enough as a place to connect with your own rhythm, the natural world, and a fiercely supportive community. My time there has been essential to the blossoming you are witnessing. The world is too much with us, and we must find our place back within her larger cradle in order to take root authentically. I look forward to giving back to Maine as a creative collaborator, entrepreneur, and advocate…for all she’s given me.

What you’re privy to now is the unfolding of a venture I’m bootstrapping, girded by an unassailable desire to be in service to the world, the gathering of tools with which I’ll operate, and the security of knowing…

…We have everything we need.

Rumi is leading the way. ~ “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

I’m gaining mastery in obstacle removal, having discovered his golden key to transformation and action.

Exchange anything you truly want in place of the word ‘love,’ and you’ll see my inspiration: wealth, happiness, a beautiful home, fulfilling work, healing… the answers to your deep longings are waiting to be discovered, uncovered, recovered, because they’ve been there, covered, the whole time. Like when you’re looking for your glasses, and then look in the mirror and see them perched atop your head. Yeah, just like that.

One thing I’ve long sought is freedom, and along my path I’ve learned that – oh wonder of wonders, silly girl – I already am free. A revelation! Obvious, yet not really to so many of us. Another thing I’ve sought is a feeling of power – not over others, but within myself, and that, too, I’m unlocking. The more I honor the ME that I really, truly am and drop the masks, the fears of being rejected or misunderstood, the more I emerge as an authentic, powerful woman. Who knew that what the world craved was me? (and you, too, by the way).

Yet, I haven’t done it alone. It feels like a massive conspiracy – or convergence of all I’ve ever been and everyone I’ve ever known ~including every one of you, because you’ve given me your valuable attention, and I thank you for that. It hasn’t happened overnight, either, although once I launch my new site and blog and business, I know it’ll feel like a birthday – that one big world debut! (Better go shoe shopping now…gotta step out in style!)

For those who’ve gone before me, you know all the incremental steps that result in one big leap. And for those who are still gathering courage and clarity, know it’s ALL part of the unfolding. I spent a lot of time swirling around in eddies, and it does teach you something… (mostly how the view from the hamster wheel could use a new scenery designer.)

For now, I’ll leave you with a glimpse of the future unveiling…

I’m developing a consulting business as a hiring specialist. I will help businesses who struggle with finding great staff attract, interview, and hire trusted, hospitality-driven employees who drive sales, ensure customer loyalty, and build brand trust. I’m writing a book about my methods and techniques, and am developing a curriculum as well. I’m propelled by the desire for people to have meaningful work lives, living the life they’ve imagined (thank you, Thoreau), alongside others who are also meaningfully employed. Win/win for everyone!

To do this I need your help.

If you are in a position of hiring, such as a business owner, recruiter, or hiring manager, I would so appreciate you helping me by completing this survey.

If you are not in a hiring capacity, but know someone who is, please pass this along – to three people if possible. The more information I have, the more customized and effective will be my offerings.

I’m thrilled to share this news of what’s unfolding for me, and look forward to having you along…

With much love and gratitude,


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  1. I’ve been following your journey, Kellie, anxious to see where it led you. I had no expectations, but I must say you’ve caught me off guard with announcement of your new venture. I wish you well and if there are ways I can help you, I will surely do so. Keep following your dreams.

    • You’re simply amazing. Thank you. It’s been percolating since last June, the specifics, which started as a book idea. Over time, I realized I missed working “with” people and being simply a writer wouldn’t be enough – so I need to get back in the action, too. Plus, I want to reach as many people as possible: by book, by online publishing, by consulting 1:1, by going into companies and doing live trainings – I have a dream and I’m following it – who knows HOW it will come true, but in many ways it already is. Thank you for your support!

  2. “Who knew that what the world craved was me (and you, too, by the way).” Wonder-fully put, absolutely perfect. Best wishes for the new venture, Kellie.

    • Thanks Jeff! Much appreciated.
      Speaking of wonder, I’ve recently learned I’ve the Hedgehog as an animal totem – which is representive of wonder. May we all cultivate some of that in our lives 🙂

  3. Best of luck with your latest ambitions, Kellie. I, too, picked up on the same line that Jeff referenced. Sounds like you are off to a great start!! Keep up the good work.

    • Jay, I’m sure you experience this, too: you begin to flesh out one creative idea, then another arrives, then another…
      So here I am where I never thought I’d find myself. Not just a writer, but a writer AND…so much more.
      Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Kellie, I have loved some of the posts I’ve been reading from following your interactions with Jean, and would really love to talk to you sometime soon to explore our convergences. I’ve been feeling called to share this with you http://youtu.be/L0pO1APnni4 As you embark on this journey, never let fear trick you into believing you re alone 🙂

    • Oh! The pleasures of the gathering tribe…
      Thank you so much for reaching out! I’d love to connect more deeply on the emerging economy, alternate currecies, and practical applications that move us forward more fully…
      offpeaklife@gmail.com is where I can be reached currently. Looking forward!

  5. Hey there Kellie! Good luck with the new endeavor! I’m glad to be a part of your tribe! Looking forward to when you come to San Francisco! YAY!!!


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