OMG. Can you BELIEVE what he just did?

It’s madness I say! All this talk!

Be yourself.

Follow your bliss.

You can be or do anything you want.

…and then…

Did you SEE that dress she was wearing?!

Yeah, but you can’t make money at your art. You have to get a real job.

THIS is how it’s done.

I’m not good / pretty / rich / smart / connected enough.

Pure insanity! …this cognitive dissonance of declaring that we simultaneously have freedom and also must abide. Can we not see the disastrous effects judgment – certainly of others, but most insidiously of ourselves – wreaks? Is there any way out?

I wonder…

What could happen if we:

* unfurl, instead of bind

* celebrate, instead of constructively criticize

* unarm, instead of protect

* radiate, instead of compete

* affirm life, instead of deny it

* loosen, instead of furrow

* shoot from the hip, instead of prepare

* witness, instead of evaluate

* accept, instead of tolerate

* breathe

What if we stopped judging every little damned thing we see? What if we stopped deciding if everything fits neatly into either the Good or Bad column? What if that voluptuous woman wore that dress like no one’s business, painted her way into a living, and did it all on her own terms?

THEN would we shut up that petty little voice in our heads?

What if, I mean, really now…imagine if The Last Judgment wasn’t some day of reckoning, some hierarchical accounting of our sins, layered with the gross humiliation of guilt and blame and deeply rooted shame…and instead was simply…

The very last time we ever judged?

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  1. Great last line! I’m going to use it as much as I can!!

  2. Hartley

     /  28 July 2012

    Nice one Kellie! It has been a subject of focus for me as well lately!

  3. destrudowoman

     /  28 July 2012

    Well said, my Friend. You’re a blessing!

  4. Bridget Herbst

     /  28 July 2012

    You had disappeared for a while..So glad to have you back! The final lines of this blog are priceless!

  5. Hi kelli, another season is in full swing, come see us for Stand up paddle or we have a full Moon Kayak tour on the 31st or Aug. 1st and 2nd. Blessings, Cody

  6. Welcome, welcome back!

  7. Good to see you back with another of your thought provoking posts. Trying not to judge is, indeed, a challenge.


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