Ask And It Is Given

Multi-passionate firestarter with Thoreauvian tendencies seeks poet / lumberjack for flight.

Must have passport, rhythm, & a signature dish.


A wise friend once taught me that asking for what you want is the surest way to get it.

Clarity married to intention. Add in a bit of the unconventional and some cheeky humor…and best ~ it’s tweet-able!

Psst. Pass it on 🙂     !

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  1. addendum…
    I had no intention of writing this post – ! – it just happened organically. My morning was filled with good news, sunshine, and dancing to “Amazing” by One Eskimo with my nephew. I’m happy and content and on my way up, up, up!
    Today’s date held no overt significance, however I do feel its energy swirling. I wondered if I should send a prayer, give thanks, or set a goal.
    Then I sat down and acknowledged my longing for a partner-in-adventure ~ and this is my way of letting the universe know that love is what it’s all about.
    I fiddled with the formatting, previewed the post, and hit PUBLISH.
    Then I looked up at the clock on my mac and wouldn’t you know it? 1:11, on 11.11.11.
    Naturally 🙂


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