wish list

It started back in my teens with countries I wanted to visit.  Then it expanded into wishes, then began to include accomplishments.  Now it embraces all that I want to have and be and do in my life.

* Live in Italy or France  * Walk a through-hike * Write a book * Follow the Silk Road  * Make wine  * Teach English in China * Build a cabin  * Be competent outdoors  * Run a race  * Touch the Amazon  * Eat a durian  * Learn to play the harmonica  * Be ready to save a human life * Learn how to service my car  * Do a hundred crunches every day * Have a bicycle as my sole means of transportation  * Fast * Follow the blues from NYC > Chicago > St Louis > Memphis > New Orleans  * Swim in the Pacific, naked.  * Interview an influence * Live on a sailboat  * Grow my own vegetables  * Hike hut to hut  * Fly fish  * Forgive, often

* Have a pair of shoes custom-made  * Kayak the coast of British Columbia  * Publish a photograph  * Build a table/desk/bookcase  * Juggle  * Know at least 15 constellations & their mythology * Sleep in a hammock * Design a complete wardrobe for myself  * Navigate by map & compass only  * Compose a song  * Heat only with firewood  * Cultivate a herb garden  * Skydive  * Make someone else’s day * Laugh every day * Learn the trees, flowers, wildlife, geography and history of where I live  * Help women who want/need it  * Streak * Go on African safari  * Create art from nature

* Make a line of greeting cards * Have a large-scale outdoor installation  * Make a great vegetarian soup * Learn how to ride a motorcycle/scooter  * Increase my vocabulary  * Support a cause I believe in * Perform a story or poem for an audience  * Go, with no particular destination in mind * Make lampshades  * Memorize a piece from Shakespeare  * Hastens bed – King Size  * Live in the city AND the country, simultaneously * Meditate and be still every day * Beatriz Milhazes painting  * Curate my gallery  * DJ  * Keep my creative juices flowing * Spend a long weekend at Blackberry Farm

* Eat when I’m hungry and sleep when I’m tired * Passionate kisses * Build a community space: writer’s retreat, artist colony, etc…  * Be the best aunt I can * Learn to Surf  * Spend a few months in India  * Explore Cambodia, Laos, & Vietnam  * Have a job like Verlyn Klinkenborg  * Design my own home with an architect (outdoor shower, bluestone patio, Japanese bath)  * Buy a beautiful Brooklyn brownstone  * Paint and write with audacity * Live with awe and reverence  * Start a charitable foundation  * Open a print shop  * Appreciate all I have, all the time


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  1. I wish I could lay out my wish list as beautifully as you did yours. What kind of dot-org interests you?

    • Kellie

       /  8 January 2011

      @Allison ~ forgive my delayed response. I love all the new sites that gather together multiple charities – one stop donating, if you will. I’ve given the largest chunks to Share Our Strength and Heifer, International, and the ACLU. There are many more – I also like to support people I know personally who are raising money for their particular cause. In the future, I want to create a foundation that supports creative prosperity, food security, and children’s issues. Happy New Year to you!

  2. No cries of outrage or niggles here, Kellie – just oodles of encouragement, I love this – what a fabulous list … go get em !

    • Sue~
      The funny thing is every time I cross one off this list, I add 2 more! What’s at the top of your list?
      Thanks for reading adn commenting – it means a lot you took the time.

  3. I want to be about telling great stories through the memories of scent and taste. When I think of Greece, I think of bubbling pots of lamb and tomatoes. I can taste it to this day. When I think about Africa, I think of curry and potatoes, cumin and saffron- with influence of France.
    I want to remember and to be able to write about it.


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