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Kellie Brooks, off~peakWelcome!  After almost 25 years in the restaurant industry, I’ve embarked on a new life:  my cherished dream of writing for a living, and I am thrilled you are here.  I write essays, profiles, poetry, and am working on a memoir.

I’ve always felt I could live a hundred lives.  It’s the dilettante inside me.  Curious by nature and restless by nurture, I want to break myself into 100 pieces and send each one off into the world to explore.  It’s really just a matter of storytelling,  Who do I want to be?  Who am I today?  Who have I been?  Here’s a few ~ I have stories for all of them and I’d love to share.  I’d also like to hear yours.

* Lingerie salesperson * Children’s shoe fitter * University English teacher in China * Roadhouse bartender * Itinerant backpacker * Art collector * Fund-raiser * Restaurant manager * Pilgrim * Farm girl * Pollyanna *
New Yorker * Brooklynite (not the same as being a NYer!) * DJ * Reluctant homeowner * Fine dining waiter * Philanthropist * Wine Rep * Incessant concertgoer * Ani DiFranco fan * Architecture buff * Road-tripper * Meditator
Executive Coordinator * Urban wanderer * Gourmand/Foodie * Recovering Foodie * Landlord * International Hospitality Ambassador * World traveler         Daughter * Sister * Aunt

I’ve a lifelong habit of going in the opposite direction of everyone else because I prefer getting the riverview seat on the train or discovering what Tuesday is like in Croatia or getting first dibs on an ungroomed powder trail.  I question authority.  I question my friends.  I show up with contrarian views, and want you to question me, too.  This incessant curiosity has either strengthened my perspective or opened me up to consider a whole new world.  And seeing the world with ever refreshed eyes is my passion.  Hence the title off-peak.

Want to understand more?  Start here.

Mostly, I’ll let my writing speak for itself, but I will say that by going against the tide, I’ve learned how to go with the flow. Thanks for joining me.  Life is enriched when it’s shared.

I would love to hear from you!  Reach out:

blueskiesgreentrees at gmail dot com

Kellie Brooks, Schooner Mercantile, Camden, Maine

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  1. My friend this is a great venutre and I wish you the very best of luck with it… I have no doubt your beautiful self will shine through every line that I’ll read from you. xxx

  2. Kellie Brooks

     /  29 October 2010

    Thank you, Amelie! If there’s one thing the Camino taught me: it’s that I can do anything I set my mind to! Seems the same is true for you, as well.

  3. kellie, love your photos & spirit. can’t wait to follow your adventures. good luck & congrats on your move!

  4. Hana

     /  3 November 2010

    Really excited to follow your blog, you’re such an inspiration!

    • Kellie B

       /  16 November 2010

      Thanks, Miss Hana! And you are an inspiration to me, as well. You are always following your dream.

  5. Cara

     /  9 November 2010

    Wyl says you look like a bird. Take flight, sister!

  6. mikki

     /  4 December 2010

    i’m so proud of you for doing this. very inspiring.

  7. You are definitely in a wintry place! That turns into spectacular springs. Just checkin’ you out, misfit! Yay!

    • Kellie

       /  12 December 2010

      @allison~ oh! I hadn’t even thought past the winter, really. I think you’re right – spring WILL be spectacular this time around 🙂 Thanks for swinging by…

  8. David Griswold

     /  28 February 2011

    Hey – thanks for the like on the blog! I lived on Peaks Island last winter, and can attest that Maine is a great place to hunker down for some reflection and anew-ness. Where are you located in Maine? permculturalists@gmail.com

    • David ~ Oh no! I just realized I hadn’t responded yet. Forgive me – March hijacked me – were you on Peaks in March? Then you know! Love reading about your adventures, too – the farm is very cool. I dream of collaborative projects! I’m Mid-coast, near Camden. Just heavenly…Thanks for visiting; hope to see you around again soon 🙂

  9. brian

     /  7 April 2011

    Hello Miss Kellie. Great stuff, just stumbled upon it, love your moxie and your constant wanderlust. Its refreshing these days, I like the essay about home ownership, i am in my fourth year now and i feel a bit trapped. its cramping my travel and such. i still manage though ha ha . Well keep writing and breathing and doing Love Brian…

    • brian ~ I have the funniest feeling I know you, personally. (if so, reach out thru email: blueskiesgreentrees@gmail.com) thanks for lovin’ my moxie – apparently maine is all about moxie 🙂 and not just the soda! Yeah, once wanderlust grabs a hold of us, we’re done. Friends have said oh, you’ll grow out of it, but here I am! and always makin’ new dreams for close & faraway lands. I must say, tho, if there’s a will….xo

  10. Tamara Cody

     /  24 July 2011

    Thanks Kellie, great paddling with you, keep on writing, great job, blessings, Cody

    • Cody~
      Thanks for showing me the beauty of the bay – and how to ‘push’ the paddle, not ‘pull’ it. Maybe I can apply this elsewhere in life? And thanks for reading…see you again, I’m sure!

  11. I’m really excited to read more here!! What an exciting life!!!

  12. Love your positivity and enthusiasm! Pleasure connecting with you on #bookplan!

  13. It’s great to find another aspiring writer in the blogosphere! Keep the spirit up, my friend! One day the door will open for you.

    I had a joyful ride in your blog, and now I’d like to kindly invite you to visit mine. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

  14. Jonathan Paris

     /  17 September 2014

    What is the best concert you have been to? Mine is a tie of three- Stevie Ray Vaughn, ELP, Sugarcubes, Steve Winwood w Jimmy Cliff, and Nick Lowe with friends- there are more to qualify as well. Paul McCartney is always in style too.

  15. Jonathan Paris

     /  6 January 2015

    If you commit national terrorism should there not be a mandatory death penalty and quickly? We put up such a façade with these trials when we all know the truth regardless if his brother coaxed him into it or not- he is still an accessory to the crime and culpable. Boston will be in mourning for the next year or so with all these pages of daily Tsarneov details.


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