The House Of Light

Funny thing is, though I live so close to the sea, I’m tucked far enough inland, in a rural, farmland community, that I sometimes forget the nautical beauty nearby.  One of the prettiest places to walk, which I do like a mail carrier:  through rain, sleet & snow – is out on the St. George peninsula.  Tenant’s Harbor, Port Clyde, and Spruce Head are all lovely places to wander around, gazing out at the water and watching lobster boats heading in and out of the local harbors.  I’ve had a sumptuous lobster roll at Cod End Market and a Food Network-recommended burger at the Owl’s Head General Store and Post Office.  Balanced precariously between out-of-towner and resident, I relish the insider’s window of the local community and look forward to days when I’m greeted as warmly as either proprietress does at both eateries.

The highlight comes as I walk off lunch at Owl’s Head State Park.  Sometimes I head straight for the lighthouse, with a view over Penobscot Bay that hasn’t ceased to induce long moments of meditation verging on bliss.  Other times, a short jaunt through the spruce woods leads down to a small beach, with picnic tables on the low cliffs that look over it.  In warmer weather, I find this a perfect place to write.  However, I somehow find myself more often here during inclement weather, which I strangely prefer.  It’s a misty, forlorn promontory that evokes romantic notions of a literary-led Maine life.  It is here that a sense of place most reverberates.

I often catch myself realizing that I actually live here now, like it’s some sort of surprise, and when it does wash over me, it seems so natural, so right.  With regards to geography, I’ve never felt so at home, at peace.  I wonder how that will evolve in the new year?  And what little corner of the mid-coast will seduce me next…

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  1. Damon K.

     /  10 December 2010

    your pic’s are stunning!

    • Kellie

       /  10 December 2010

      Thanks! That means a lot coming from a photographer I admire 🙂
      and…no photoshop!

  2. tim rhys

     /  11 January 2011

    Great post, Kellie. Just like I was there!


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