Over The Waterfall, Laughing, Without A Barrel

“…and I try to laugh
at whatever life brings
‘cuz when I look down
I just miss all the good stuff
and when I look up
I just trip over things.”

~ Ani DiFranco, “As Is”

This lyric has long resonated.

We caution each other:  watch where you’re going, look before you leap, take care.  I have admonished such, and have heeded as well, to avoid a nasty spill, a crash and burn.  Wiping out hardcore can be embarrassing, even shameful, especially when you publicly announce…


But the best advice I have gotten is to make all the mistakes I can.  So I will.  I just hope to recover gracefully and with few scars.

All that searching, gazing high and peering low, have taught me what the good stuff is and where it can be found.  I won’t miss even one morsel of it now.


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  1. Cara

     /  21 November 2010

    Those lyrics have stayed with me ever since we saw Ani in Wallingford, CT and she tried to decide whether to call us Connecticut-ers or Connecticut-ians. I just read some advice in Last Child in the Woods apropos your post: Rather than warn children in nature to “be careful,” say “PAY ATTENTION.”

    • Kellie B

       /  21 November 2010

      So true. But it’s also the falling down that teaches you how to get right back up again. Just like you’re teaching Wyl to do.


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