‎…They Had A Hi-Fi Phono, Boy Did They Let It Blast…

I pop into The Red Barn Thrift Store in Woodbury today, enticed by the 50% OFF EVERYTHING sign.  The usual tchotchkes abound, along with mismatched dishes, bodice-ripper paperbacks and racks of seasons-old granny blouses.  I scan the room, and just before I’m about to leave, a box of dusty albums draws me in.  $1 each.  I flip through… Loggins & Messina, Bee Gees, Barbara Streisand (The Christmas Album!)…  Nah.  And then I spy a few gems that end up coming home with me:  some Broadway musicals, a couple of 1950’s soundtracks, and a half-dozen classical recordings.  Oh, and Perry Como.  Five-fifty total.

When was the last time I bought an LP?  1984?  Does anyone under 25 even know what an LP is anymore?  Unless you’re a DJ, I’d guess not.  My last turntable broke sometime around college and I never bothered to replace it.  I was already on to CDs by then, and I haven’t even bought one of them in years either, not counting the random gift.  So why now?  Not necessarily nostalgia, as this batch of vinyl was mostly recorded before I was born.  Rather, it’s the turntable in my furnished rental house.  I wasn’t even the one to discover it – a friend recognized the retro record player hidden in plain sight … and now I can’t get enough of that ol’ scratchy sound.  I even stumbled upon a specialty record shop in nearby Camden that has a pretty outrageous inventory – Balkan gypsy music, original 60’s folk, early bebop.  I’ll be their best new customer.

In the meantime, if you happen to catch the crackle of It’s Only A Paper Moon, knock on my door.  You’ll know you’ve found me.

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  1. Damon K.

     /  6 November 2010

    Best onomatopoeia i’ve read in years. Delicious writing.

  2. Jill

     /  7 November 2010

    yeah! It’s all old school now! Forget high tech it’s all about the LP’s.
    The type we discovered at your place ( what a great moment:)) has been given to Max as a b- day gift. He left a message for me the next day playing a portion of a song, Sublime’s “pawn shop”, the first LP he’s ever owned (that I found in a groovy shop from the 60’s, the owner’s name was “Wave”!) – he was in heaven!


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