You Don’t Have To Be A Pendulum Just Because Our Government Is

All day I have been reading dejected, throw-my-hands-up-in-the-air, what’s-a-poor-Democrat-to-do-now sort of essay that I am compelled to pull out my trusty contrary pose.  Really, folks?  That’s your first reaction?  Didn’t you watch the Rally to Restore SanityNone of us live our lives on one end of the spectrum.  I have both conservative and liberal sensibilities.  I don’t like paying taxes.  (see previous post)  Also, like Republicans, I donate a good-sized percentage of my income – that way I specifically choose where to put my money.  On the other hand, I love libraries, National Parks and all those Recovery Act infrastructure improvements and the transparency that accompanies them.  I think we all have good intentions – yes, they may pave the road straight to, well you know where, but I like to sneak out into the streets occasionally and be a bit guerrilla with the cobblestones.  Remember, change may happen in Washington, but also on the ground, in town halls and NGOs and at kitchen tables and inside grassroots organizations.  Don’t give away all your power to some perceived relay race where one party grabs the baton from the other.  Maintain a positive stance and act on it.  Sometimes the leanest times, the toughest times are when the greatest strides and innovations are made.  They always have been for me.

Keep on keeping on.

WE are the hope we believe in.  Not him. or them.  US.

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  1. CAR

     /  3 November 2010

    I identify strongly with what you’ve written… which is why I read this blog and not the other essays. 🙂

  2. Cara

     /  4 November 2010

    It’s a privilege to live in a democratic republic, but the responsibility to keep our leaders focused on what is important is a mighty one. I agree that if you want something done, you usually have to do it yourself. You remind us yet again, my dear contrarian sister, that this is another Carpe Diem moment.

  3. Damon K.

     /  4 November 2010

    Indeed. The power rests with the people, and all too often we look to the government(s) to fix our lives for us, rather than remembering its there to support OUR pursuit of happyness 😉

  4. Kellie Brooks

     /  6 November 2010

    Just like my photos above, the light always shines through, even when clouds roll in. Thanks, all, for being part of my circle –


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