You Say You Want a Resolution?

Remember those toy pellets you could send away for in the back of comic books?  The ones that when you dropped them into a glass of water would instantly turn into little sponge creatures?  Well, that’s how quickly old habits disappeared since I moved here and how quickly new ones took shape.  I have just sprung into my true form!  And I didn’t even have to write up a list.

Apparently, Maine is my January first.

Back in the city, I ate out almost every day.  It was just easier – no deciding, shopping, prepping, cooking, cleaning… AY!  Such a fuss.  Plus, I could satisfy any craving.  Ethiopian sourdough & stew?  Cambodian sandwich?  Pugliese pasta?  Check, check and check.  But now that I’m here, I revel in the abundance of garden greens and farmstands.  There’s even a decent winemaker a mile down the road fermenting grapes in his barn.  I spend my days fully engaged – mulling recipes, chatting up farmers and cheesemakers and fishermen, picking chard and kale, gathering wildflowers for the table.  Pleasure abounds…

Oyster River Winegrowers
Cast Iron Chef

As well, my exercise routine in the city was anything but.  Classic avoidance behavior:  I’d sign up for an expensive membership, and go once or twice a month.  A yoga studio on every corner but I’d rather walk by on my way to the bakery.  Here, however, sun salutations take on a whole new meaning.  I begin each day, coffee in hand, circling through the garden, down to the pond and wandering back through the meadows and trees.  My skin tingles in the chilly air.  The grass feels dewy.  My senses are invigorated.  Afternoons can find me in the kayak, oar in hand, silently paddling the shoreline and learning birdsong.  Or climbing Mt. Battie, enveloped in the ethereal chartreuse of the changing trees.  With Mother Nature as my personal trainer, who needs a rowing machine?

The strangest part, though, is how easily this metamorphosis came about.  There was no effort at all, rather a gentle hand on my back, guiding me forward, whispering in my ear… “Don’t you know… everything’s gonna be all right?”  And it is.  More than I had imagined.

Camden Hills State Park, Mt. Battie
Stairmaster alfresco

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  1. Cara

     /  1 November 2010

    Reveling in the embrace of Mother Nature…

  2. Kellie Brooks

     /  1 November 2010

    I can’t wait to revel around in nature with you guys this weekend!

  3. Kelly

     /  15 February 2011

    Love the stairmaster alfresco! So much more appealing…


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