Let’s all take a moment

I am filled with profound appreciation for this past summer… I’ve driven down Big Sur and sailed up the coast of Maine.  I’ve celebrated unions of loving souls, with joyous merrymaking, roasted goat and some really good grub.  I’ve been generously welcomed into people’s homes and toasted to our health & happiness. I have pulled old friends close and then closer still and drawn in really swell new ones.  I’ve cultivated joy and stillness.  I’ve danced with abandon to uplifting roots music and lifted up my beloved nephew & twirled until we fell down giggling.  I’ve laughed my ass off with my best friend and cried with my family.  I’ve ventured into nature with reverence and been rewarded a thousand-fold.  I’ve glimpsed porpoises and bald eagles, reveled under cracking thunderstorms and seamless blue skies.  I’ve made wishes on shooting stars and marveled at seemingly intimate fireworks displays.  I’ve taken back roads and tight curves and jumped off cliffs.

I am in love with myself, my family and friends, my life, my country and this world.

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  1. Jill

     /  25 October 2010

    Beautifully said. I’m right there with ya sister!


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