The double uglies will not be televised

Cornucopia of autumn colors

two-fer pumpkins?

Not even a mother could love these

Beth’s Farm Market is where I find myself every few days ~ a combination farmstead theme park, roadside “grocery”, and how I satisfy my apple cider doughnut jones.  It’s not just the visual treat that wins me over and keeps my car out of the Shaws parking lot.  (It’s the free coffee and corn maze; I’d run circles around those rugrats) I’d love to buy up all these beauties (and uglies!) and decorate to my little delicat-a heart’s content.

In addition to dozens of gourd, pumpkin and squash varieties, Beth also carries delicious Caldwell Farm steaks, Pemaquid oysters, and leeks – all fantastic on the grill.  And fixin’s for a hearty pork & vegetable stew with Jacob’s cattle beans.  And loaves of homemade anadama bread, eggs and smoked bacon.  And, and, and…

But today, I fill my canvas bag with pantry staples:  berry jam, wildflower honey, and dried ears of corn for popping.  (Put one in a brown paper bag, microwave and voilá! Who needs Orville?)  I grab one regular ol’ pumpkin for carving and head home, saving the others and the hayride for another time.

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  1. Cara

     /  24 October 2010

    Photos are fantastic.

  2. Kellie Brooks

     /  24 October 2010

    Maybe it’s the camera you gave me ~ 🙂


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